Progress Reports include the following:
Classroom Skills:

*Demonstrates ability to observe and follow rules and routines of the class (sitting still, listening to instructions and explanations)
*Communicates needs and questions
*Brings lesson materials to class

Beginner Piano Skills:
*Recognizes Left hand and Right Hand without a prompt
*Recognizes finger numbers without a prompt
*Recognizes note types and corresponding rests (quarter, half, whole, dotted half) and how to count the beats with them
*Understands the terms: measure, bar line, double bar line, tempo, dynamics, treble clef, bass clef, repeat sign
*Can use fingers independently - play one at a time without blurring
*Understands counting with a 4/4 time signature
*Demonstrates ability to play a rhythm with a metronome
*Demonstrates ability to play legato and staccato
*Demonstrates ability to play songs with 1 hand at a time

Intermediate Piano Skills:
*Demonstrates knowledge of various repeat signs (D.C. Al fine, D.C. Al segno, 1st /2nd ending)
*Demonstrates ability to play 2 & 3 notes with one hand
*Recognizes note types and corresponding rests (dotted quarter, 8th note, 16th note) with counting
*Demonstrates the ability to play the major scales with 1 hand, major chords with note names, arpeggios and cadences (in 3 inversions).
*Can use fingers in expanded, closed, and scrunched positions
*Understands counting with various time signatures (common time, cut time, 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, 2/2)
*Demonstrates knowledge of sharps, flats, and naturals (half steps and whole steps).
*Understands and demonstrates various dynamics and articulations: p, pp, mp, f, ff, mf, cres., dim., rit, accent, incomplete measure, 8va, 8vb, ledger lines
*Demonstrates ability to play songs and theory with both hands at the same time
*Understands and demonstrates ability to use the sustaining pedal
*Demonstrates ability to read notes from the grand staff
*Understands and shows ability to play duets or ensemble music at the intermediate level

Advanced Piano Skills:
*Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency with the trill, glissando, turns, grace notes, etc.
*Demonstrates knowledge and use of the una corda and sostenuto pedals
*Demonstrates ability to qualify chords (analyze music structure)
*Demonstrates the ability to play the 3 forms of minor scale with 1 hand, minor chords with note names, arpeggio, and cadence (in 3 inversions). A,E,B,F#,C#,D#,D,C,F,A#,G,A#
*Understands how to read duet music and multiple staff music (cross hands)
*Understands and shows ability to play duets or ensemble music at the early advanced level
*Demonstrates ability to use fingering as a tool for music articulation
*Demonstrates ability to read and understand chord shorthand notation
*Ability to demonstrate memorization techniques
*Understands key signatures and how to name them
*Demonstrates knowledge of musical modes: