The earliest I recommend starting lessons is when the student has started kindergarten. Students should be able to count 1 to 5 forwards and backwards plus they should know their alphabet from A to G forwards and backwards.

New piano students should have an acoustic piano or an electronic keyboard (of at least 60 weighted keys) and metronome before starting lessons. I will supply worksheets, assignments, and songs that are customized for each student.

Example of the materials provided for new students. [Binder, Teacher Notebook, Tote Bag, and Music Book(s)]

If you would like to reserve a lesson slot, please contact Emmie King at for rates and availability.

30 minute lesson for beginning students
45 minute lesson for intermediate students
60 minute lesson for advanced students
75 minute lessons for advanced students (includes duet practice)

Music theory and analysis are fundamental elements of my teaching. Basic theoretical topics deal with reading music on both the bass and treble clefs, counting, simple and compound meter, major scales, three forms of minor scales, key signatures, intervals, inversions, and chords.

10% discount for families with multiple students, seniors and active military.

Each student is allowed 1 make-up lesson per session. Make-up lessons may be scheduled on a different day from your weekly reserved lesson time. The number of lessons per session may vary depending on the day of the week you have reserved. Currently registered students receive priority registration for the following session.

Annual student recitals are also available for students who have been taking lessons for over 6 months. 
I have also passed multiple background checks in order to teach at the Music and Arts Center as well as coach rowing at the Anacostia Community Boathouse.